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CBSE Class 10 Projects

Projects suggested for Class 10 by CBSE

Efficiency in Packing
Which Packing is better? Rectangular or Hexagonal?
Is Rectangular packing always better? or is Hexagonal packing always better?

Geometry in real life
Can geometry be used in real life?
If yes where and how? Any Examples?

Experiments on Probability
Are the values of theoretic and experimental probability same? If no which one is more accurate?
When do the two values become equal?

Displacement and rotation of a geometrical figure
What happens when we change the position of a figure for eeample a triangle on graph?
The coordinates of the vertices change, but what about the lengths of sides, centroid etc?

Frequency of letters/ words in a language
If we read a paragraph in English, which letter is expected to be most frequent? Which Vowel is most frequent? What is the fraction of vowels to all alphabets? What about frequency of words?

Pythagoras Theorem and its extension
Pythagoras Theorem can be proved by tanking squares equal to the sides of a right triangle and dividing them into small squares of 1 cm by 1cm and then counting them.

Volume and surface area of Cube and Cuboid
We know the formulae for finding the Volume and Surface Area of a Cuboid and Cube.
Are these formulae helpful in real life? How can we use them in real life situations?

Male - Female ratio
How much and how has the male female ratio changed over the generations?
What is the estimated Male Female ratio for the next generation taking in account the last 3 generation?

Body Mass Index (BMI)
What is Body Mass Index? What BMI indicates good health?
How to find out heath conditions for a sample population according to BMI?

History of Indian Mathematicians and Mathematics
How significant have contributions of Indian Mathematicians? What concepts have they given?
Have they contributed in the fields of Trigonometry, Algebra, Arithmetic and geometry?

Career Oppurtunities
What are the streams of study after class X? Medical, Non Medical, Commerce, Arts etc.
What are the professional courses which can be done after choosing any one of these? Which entrance exams have to be given and when?

What is pie? Is it rational or irrational ?
What are the approximate values of pie given at various times of development?

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List of Projects for Social Science class 10

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